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To reach the temple, use the transporter at the right of the Holomap projector at base camp.

Higher Ground

The Borg are making an offensive against the Archeological camp. You'll need to use Antiproton turrets to lower the Borg's shields and eliminate them. The Antiproton turrets can be set up in the glowing outline. Once deployed, you'll have to attack a Borg Drone or group of Drones for the turret to start attacking them. Deploy 10 Turrets and defeat 12 Borg Drones to complete the mission.
Preservation of Knowledge

The collected Preserved Artifacts must be evacuated to the appropriate facilities. Collect information on the items to be moved and make the appropriate arrangements. Then modify the transporter to transfer the artifacts. The minigame is mostly a switching game where you have to swap out chip parts to complete. You must successfully answer the trivia questions (read the description carefully, the answers are easy to spot in there) 12 times, and complete the chip minigame 12 times to complete this mission.
You may want to have a team of 2 or more to complete these missions, if only to res you in the trenches.
Conflicted Orders

The Borg have assimilated the temple's priests. Save them by defeating them and beaming them out. They usually roam in pairs around specific areas. Be careful, they behave like Tactical drones and fire burst plasma bolts which can take a huge chunk of health. Once you've dropped their health, they'll turn friendly and you'll be able to beam them out. You must rescue 30 Deferri Priests to complete the mission.
What's Mine is Mine

Tag the exposed Preserver artifacts for beam out. You'll have to clear the nearby Borg drones from the artifact before being able to beam it out. Be careful, some unscrupulous people will wait for you to clear the area and swoop in and steal your artifact while the Borg are distracted. You must tag 30 artifacts to complete this mission.
This mission requires at least 3 players to begin.
Uninvited Guests

The Borg are attempting to take the Temple. Stop them at all costs. The Borg will beam in waves, protected by a Borg Repulsion Dome. As you deal with each wave, the Borg will push you up the temple's floors. When you've cleared the top portion of the temple, the mission is complete. Note that if 10 drones reach the top of the Temple, or if everyone dies, the mission will fail.