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I've said this before and maybe overstated the case before. I'd love for totally reworked ship interiors to play host to HUNDREDS of missions.

But let's say they didn't do hundreds.

Frankly, space maps take less time and energy to produce a serviceable gameplay map.

And if they built better stock interiors (maybe with additional trophy-type slots scattered around including choice of warmcores, custom colors and lighting) and leveraged their use more, I think we could get a lot more than 10-15 episodes in 2012 by using the ship interior sets heavily.

There's the proviso in there that they might have to remake content for each style of interior (or they could -- don't shoot me -- relocate all replica interiors to the holodeck and have one basic interior kit with custom colors, reworked from the ground up). And Klingons would require their own NPC placement. And you likely couldn't have away teams and your crew would be represented by NPCs costumed like your BOs (all of them, not just 4).

But if they made the interior a core location in all upcoming FEs AND added social gameplay to the non-mission versions, I think they could really use that to balloon out their content plans in a way that's consistent with the shows. (And have space maps crop up in the interior missions organically.)

Take those 13 episodes. Imagine you spend half of them in your ship interior or accompanying space maps. That might double the content to 26 episodes or 5 FE series.