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01-11-2012, 05:24 PM
"A better use of resources would be a ground-up rethink of the whole exploration mechanic, carried out simultaneously with a total revamp of sector space/the galaxy map./"

This is really what I want to happen. I would add navigational computer course plotting and make the game world alot larger as it should have been. You should not be manually "steering" your ship around and having it stop because of dialog popup. Its not inline with the IP and its clumsy and not fun and just seems like a really bad game mechanic and design. The ship should be stationary with a warping starfield with parts of the UI segmented for Long reange and short range sensors, communications etc. Your camera can still pan around your awesome ship.
Long range sensors scanning should be picking up unknow hidden systems ,ships, resource rich asteroids belts, enemies, friendlies,anomolies, black holes,etc. when your long range sensors pick up something of interest you have time to read the info and decide if you want to go there. and if you do you plot a course there even if its a simple click. This may not sound like a big deal to some but I think it would make the game (especially) traveling more fun and more trekish while still being able to remain combat heavy for hard core mmo gamers. If I want to go kill enemy ships I can still do that. If I want to explore unknown areas I can do that. If I want to kill everyone I meet cause there azzhats then I can do that. If I want to establish relations with a new race I can do that. If I make them mad they can shoot at me. etc etc etc. If you drop out of warp in between systems you are in open space map. Maybe each map should have metadata with its location within the game and coordinates can be generated so you can have someone meet you there instanced or not. I am rambling now but these kinds of things get me excited about the game again.