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Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
we are getting away from what was originally disagreed on, that the skill tree is no good at all. the way they insist on the skill tree working makes it basically impossible to go from ship type to ship type and it has failed to live up to the hype that you could. as long as you use 1 type of ship, respecs should be unnecessary. before, just about every time i swapped out abilities, let alone swapped ships, a respec was mandatory. now you only really need to when swaping ship types.

For escorts, you can do pretty well without having to respec, from one escort to another, unless of course you want to use sci stuff with the MVAM, then you fall flat.

Cruisers generally are okay within the class, but if you don't spec for attack patterns you probably won't want an excelsior.

Science is much worse off, not for ship changes, that can be done as easily as any other, but for BOFF power changes since you have less freedom now to swap them. In season 4, you had your skill pionts in the T1 and T2 skills that gave up to 48% of any BOFF power you wanted to use. Now, if you aren't specced for it, you get nothing. There is much less freedom within the science tree because of that.

Science also has the issue of wasted skill points if they want to switch to another class. The science skills for most BOFF powers are generally useless in any other ship type. And switching to science leaves you without any points in science skills, because hey they were useless for your other ship. That is where it fails pretty miserably.

Don't forget that if I were to switch from say one escort to another in season 4, the only thing actually lost was the T5 ship skill. In that regard it is only slightly better now since nothing is lost, in general, between the same type of ships.

But going between ship classes is a bad idea and suboptimal, especially when science speccing is involved. And again, I have science ships, cruisers, and escorts all with their own captains. Each captain is specced for their ship type and role. I would absolutely want to respec them if for some reason I wanted to change the class.