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01-11-2012, 06:58 PM
Originally Posted by KathrynShaufer
Repel the boarders? I for one wouldn't mind Klingons beaming over to my bridge and I have to fight them off. No more Borg though. Romulans sneaking around my engineering deck trying to sabotage my ship would be fun as well.
The way I see it, anymission that could be set on the ground could be seton a ship. Talking to people,puzzles, killing, Duty Officer assignments. You just need mission versions of the maps that are wired to use the right textures and ship trophies.

Just make it sufficiently awesome looking as a default model.


I'd piggyback off the work done on replicas like the TOS set.

Have 5 interiors:

Small - Defiant
Medium - Intrepid
Large - Sovereign

Now, I'd gussy them up as 2409 interiors for the stock in-game versions and sell the classic decor schemes on the C-Store.

To simplify things, any schemes that don't fit into these types would be an offshoot from the holodeck. I realize that might drive some TOS pack purchasers crazy but they're retain full access to their replica as a social hub. Maybe do the same for other ship types. Longterm, have custom decks you can make from any template.

But you have to restrict the basic geometry of the ones that will be standard mission maps to a narrow range so that setting up missions for any interior remains feasible. Like I say, some custom elements like the trophies, maybe extending to warpcore, table type, paintings, lighting, and colors/textures. But nothing that would drastically impact combat so that NPCs can be placed on the map.

I'd have it so that the contacts get dressed like the team leader's BOs and the walls/trophies look like those on the team leader's ship.

Like I say, 2409 gussied up versions for free, "classic" decos for legacy players. Anything non-standard like existing bridge purchases gets hooked up as a "Battle Bridge" on a deck where missions won't take place and the TOS interior gets hooked up as a social hub off the holodeck. 'Cause you need to limit the number of variable geometry things in a standard deck.

Have maybe 4 standard decks, 1 cosmetic (with a battle bridge as an option there). Ability to access custom maps or launch Foundry missions or access the TOS interior from the holodeck. Ability to buy additional purely cosmetic decks.

Maybe as a compromise, let people continue using the TOS interior as their main "starting point" but if they want to access missions that use the interior, they get an option from the bridge to "end program" dumping them in a modern holodeck. From there they can go run modern missions on a modern ship interior.