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Originally Posted by Synther View Post
I don't think a mission would have to take place entirely on your ship, necessarily. I mean, it would depend on the mission itself. But a lot of the best Trek episodes were a mix of going to a planet, then back to the ship, then back to the planet, etc. Why not have a tutorial mission where you actually tour your ship, meet the department heads actually IN their departments, and meet some of the more interesting members of your crew?

If I was a new player, I honestly wouldn't even know that there was a way to go to the interior of my ship.
This as well. But it could pad content out and it's not like you can't routinely have shoot outs and brawls on your ship. Y'know, mutinies, boarding parties, Psi-1000 virus outbreaks, breaking up fights between dissenting groups, having text puzzles on your ship that lead to space battles, etc.