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01-11-2012, 06:55 PM
According to some older posts on this forum regarding the issue. It is said that by Admiral you have 10 total bridge officers.

It must start with 4 at Ensign, 2 more at LT Commander, 2 more at Commander and the last two at RA? However, the "10" seems to be correct from what I've seen on my characters that are VA and I have never bought extra slots for. I have 3 VAs, all have 10 BOffs. It must skip at LT and Captain? Not sure. Regardless of where it skips, there are only 10. So that leaves 1) The F2P Matrix is just plain wrong. 2) The structure of BOs granted at rank changes on 1/17/12(F2P release) and all our VAs get more BOs 3) Or as the OP says, they lied. If after 1/17/12, if all "Gold" members still only have "10" BOffs, then Cryptic will be falsely advertising and will have to adjust the matrix to reflect the BOffs accordingly.