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01-11-2012, 10:45 PM
Hoo boy. DS9 is "my" Trek, and I've got a laundry list of things that I'd like to see, many of which have been mentioned already. I know a major revamp might not be in the cards, but here's my wish list.

Please consider shrinking the station to something closer to what you see in the show's opening credits. This is admittedly TINY by STO standards, but it's SO important to me to see the Defiant docked and looking properly scaled. My hope is that having such a "small" station would highlight how IMMENSE player ships are. For reference, see this and this. I also agree with replacing the brown starfield with a black one, ideally with the signature purple nebula. I know the brown is there to tie it in visually with Cardassian space, but IMO it just doesn't work.


General: I think the colours of the textures need to be toned down and brought to more of a brown/grey than the current brown/gold. I REALLY wish the black textures on the computer panels looked glossier - they always struck me as "dirty."

Shipyard: I'm actually okay with this where it is. I think it's intended to be the outer docking ring, with a hallway down the crossover bridge to access the Promenade. I would suggest moving the spawn point to this room, and have the player "fade in" rather than "beam in." I'd love to feel like I'm walking in through the airlock after docking my ship, rather than beaming straight onto the Promenade.

Bank/Exchange: I HATE this room as-is. I think it's supposed to be a cargo bay? It doesn't make sense, and is not an attractive space. As a replacement, I would suggest the assay office. It was rarely seen on the show, but was essentially a bank. Also, it was just off the Promenade, which could always use a little more bustle. I have no idea why the station's medical officer is hanging around in this cargo bay, when he should be in the...

Infirmary: A key set on the show, and a must-have for the game. The CMO should be found here. I believe the doors are already modeled into the Promenade.

Security Office: Another prominent, must-have set. This office and accompanying holding cells probably wouldn't have much day-to-day functionality, but could perhaps be used in a mission or three.

Ops: One of the key DS9 sets, this is actually looking pretty decent now that the Commander's office is open (though Kurland should be in there!). The one thing that drives me nuts is that the textures on the "command table" have been backwards since the game launched. It's FUGLY.

Quark's: Probably the other "main" set, this also looks pretty good. I'd love to see some stools at the bar. The giant ramp is obviously non-canon, but I understand the issues that the spiral staircase would lead to. The holosuites desperately need to be added to the third floor (even if they're just doors for now), and the Dabo table needs to be replaced by the spiffier version found at Drozana Station.

Wardroom: This would be cool to see at some point, perhaps in a mission involving Federation/Klingon peace talks. Probably wouldn't be accessible from the main DS9 zone, as it appears to be located in the Habitat Ring.


I know I'm not likely to see a lot of this stuff any time soon, if ever, but I am extremely passionate about this station, and hope to see it get a makeover comparable to the one ESD got, with the attention to detail seen in the TOS Enterprise interior and the forthcoming Defiant interior.