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01-11-2012, 11:41 PM
Originally Posted by Resz
Well, the only commonality between us is that we picked females. I suppose once more people having this problem start trickling in, we can better ascertain if this is a problem with the marauder boffs overall or if there are only certain ones effected.

Or, like, someone from Cryptic could give us some feedback. Whichever comes first!
Would be nice to get some dev feedback.

I was tempted to post the issue in the "Support > Gameplay Bugs" area but didn't want to get the "evil eye" from moderators for what they might consider as double posting. I did ticket my issue in game so maybe someone from Cryptic will eventually respond to it there. Given all the F2P stuff going on I am sure it would be a low priority issue to them, but it is annoying to have a BOff taking up a slot and be totally useless in it.