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01-12-2012, 01:13 AM
Originally Posted by Storm-Strike
Not at every rank as the Matrix says. So they told a "half-truth"? When a retail store advertise something and don't deliver that's also a "half-truth" or "false advertising"?

Either way definition of lie is: giving a false statement. A liar is one who gives false statement. That is a false statement on the Matrix. Thus it fits. What word would make you feel all sunshine and lollypops so I can change it?
Lying is purposefully attempting to deceive someone by prevaricating. I see no malicious intent here, so I think it is a bit insulting to call them liars. I am not even certain that the statement is false. Rather, it seems poorly worded.

Likewise, false advertising is intentionally making false or misleading claims in order to deceive consumers. Honest mistakes by companies making statements in good faith that they are true is generally not false advertising.

Rather than making a post that is insulting, why not simply ask for clarification?