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01-12-2012, 02:24 AM
Originally Posted by Darkjedi View Post
Until the interiors are made to actually resemble the show, I would rather not have Cryptic spend any more time on them. They're simply too distracting. They're fine for generic science-fiction, but they're not Star Trek... and if Cryptic puts even MORE time into the ones we currently have, then it'll be less likely that they'll ever get fixed.

I still, somehow, have hope. Hope that the interiors will be better crafted. Hope that the scale will be fixed. Hope that the layouts will feel like Federation vessels. Not much... but there's still a little.

Please Cryptic... make the interiors match the show. It's not that hard.
We just got a new environmental artist. By folding the new interiors into the budget for the next FE after the current one, they could re-do interiors at the same time.