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01-12-2012, 01:29 AM
Hey gang, just want to have everyone's input on what they think will be the NEXT big thing in MMO history or for that matter the NEXT BIG MMO.

Note: Lets lay aside any talk of STO, WOW, RIFT, and TOR <-- Those MMO's already have tons of threads about their PRO's & CON's - (ONLY Exception - You can refer to their gameplay mechanics)

For Example: I like an MMO with the character customization of STO, the space combat system of STO, while incorporating the voice over features of TOR and a game interface of WOW, with lastly the lore of RIFT.

This thread is unique in that I would like to see what everyone wants in a MMO and on what subject or genre : So for a good ground rule lets begin with:

A) What will the next big MMO be based off? Movie, book, retro video game etc...

B) What Theme, subject, or setting you think the next BIG MMO will envelop?

C) What would you like to see implemented in an upcoming MMO or what is your IDEAL MMO?

If you have links or sites that refer to Next Gen MMO's or projects, please share with us.

I believe poster Grand Nagus gave out a link regarding a possible Transformers MMO, that one seem very interesting. Though Hasbro is behind the project so I am kinda of a bit concern about that.