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01-12-2012, 02:46 AM
Originally Posted by Leviathan99
A lot of folks noticed they used music that was similar to part of the Generations theme in Q's Wonderland.

I'd like to direct the STO team to The Sky Boat Song. It's public domain, from the 1740s but was the basis for the tune from The Inner Light.

You can really hear it with the melody played on the flute.

The theme from The Undiscovered Country was modified from Holst's Mars God of War and Neptune the Mystic, which are also in the public domain. Meyer wanted to use Holst as the soundtrack but the composer was forced to use original music because they were too expensive. However, the whole suite entered the Public Domain in 2004.

I bring this up SPECIFICALLY because I figure there's a chance Michael Henry or someone will be getting time with an orchestra soon for Neverwinter. I personally think getting recordings of Holst's music and maybe The Sky Boat Song would add a lot to the game if the devs have any orchestra time booked.

Thank you for sharing, I particularly love the Skye boat song and has always been a favourite of mine. Interestingly the ferry shown I think is not used now since the brdige from the Kyle of Lochalsh to the island was built, looking at the choppy journey I can see why LOL