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01-12-2012, 12:42 PM
Originally Posted by PodSix
The solution then, is to either have things totally relatively sized, where the site is 80% wide, and the buttons are 10% wide, etc etc.. and the fonts are mapped out in similar relative sizes. Of course the problem is that up until recently, graphics couldn't be relatively sized. They're made of pixels in almost every case, which are of a static size. You can now, in some browsers, use vector graphics inline within webpages, but the rendering of those images is still sluggish and experimental, and doesn't work on all platforms, screens, and browsers.

So you're faced with a problem as a designer. Who do you make your webpage for? Well I suppose in part you would love to poll all your readers to see what resolutions they tend to use. But in a world increasingly populated with smartphones and tablets and netbooks and the like, small monitors are making a comeback.
Bull. This is a forum. Artsy is not required. Fancy backdrops just take up space. If they want a nice header, that's fine. But there is NO reason to have massive amounts of black space on either side. That is a failure of BOTH design and function.

I get that the site might look slightly different from monitor to monitor if they were to use relative sizing. I see this as being infinitely better than the type of mess you get with fixed widths. Seriously, this isn't HTML1 any more. If i want a wide forum, let me have one.