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01-12-2012, 01:01 PM
Originally Posted by Commodore Shrvk
How about the relative inability to obtain a rare or very rare from in game packs? Currently I am tracking data on all in game and C-Store packs to determine probabilities and I must say for in game packs it does not look good at all.

In addition, the C-Store Very Rare drop is just that. I won't go into details just yet as I want a sample size of at least 100 in game packs before I start drawing conclusions and posting.
Rare and Very Rare in the duty officer system are, in fact, much rarer than Rare and Very Rare are in other parts of the game. This is by design; we wanted to make sure that getting a perfect crew of purple - or even blue - duty officers would be an extremely long term proposition.

Originally Posted by PatricianVetinari
Flight Deck Officers are also (nigh) "non-existant" on my several Fed toons. No biggie here as not needed, per se, except I wanted to play around with a Boarding Party build on one of my alts.

I just figured it was (bad) luck of the draw. >shrug<
Currently there are no non-unique Federation Flight Deck Officers. I am not against putting some in if there is enough interest, but I figured their use on the Federation side was so narrow that people would be more irritated by getting Flight Deck Officers when they would have preferred something else.