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01-12-2012, 01:34 PM
Interesting thread.

I have recently come back to the game after a long time off. I left because personally I wasn't getting what I considered value for my monthly subscripion dollar.

F2P has me back. This time around I am, at this point, only doing space missions if I can help it. The ground missions are just too, well, lacking is the diplomatic term I will use.

However, when I am in space, looking at my ship, I am sucked right back into the game again. The current content is all new to me, more or less, so I am not jaded, but I can see that it will get repetitive (more borg STFs anyone? ) after a while.

In all honesty, there is nothing wrong with STO that some good story writers and plot continuity people couldn't fix. Take Mass Effect as an example. Their "game mechanics" are not that different in many ways, lots of stuff to blow up, ground combat that is too short ranged, etc... What sets ME apart from other titles is the depth of the plot and the very good writing of it, coupled with offering a couple different ways to attack a problem.

Offering choices in problem sloving should not be terribly difficult, good writers are another matter, however.

I will be sticking with the game to see how the future pans out. The Star Trek universe has been a part of me since that first episode aired so long ago, I can't see it leaving me now.

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