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01-12-2012, 01:57 PM
Originally Posted by Omega273
Okay so like so many others here I have some major latancy/bandwidth problems when logging onto STO (well trying to log in)

I ran Tracert - I rarely get better scores than 250ms
I ran Nettest - I rarely get better than 40-200 / 5-10 / 40-200

So I have big problems.

I have written to my ISP (last night) requesting them to shorten the mammoth 24 hops from me to the game server.

I also sent them the Nettest results.

But what I don't know is there anything they can actually do. I live in Central Europe ... the server is in Western America?

If they reply and say ..sorry we can't do anything! Are they being honest ... are they being lazy?

Is this completely fixable? or Will I just have to put up with the realities of Geography?
The issue of network topology is a complex qustion...

The number of 'hops' to a destination is dependent on the 'peering' relationship that the ISP has with its Internet backbone providers. And backbone providers have their own peer to peer relationships on how traffic is transfered on the Internet backbone...

In reality, once a packet hits the Backbone providers, there isn't much that can be done to change it, as the peer relationships have already been declared and signed, (and in Europe, much of the Internet backbone is government owned and operated)...