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01-12-2012, 04:07 PM
Is it possible that with the new STF queue, you can simply get into another STF so fast that your powers are still on cooldown, or did you think it works where if you go on ground, your space powers are instantly recharged?

I have noticed this too but thought it was just that since I can quickly and efficiently find a new STF instance, my powers don't get a chance to fully cool down before starting another session. I was always under the impression that cooldowns kept counting down in real time even when you were on the ground. Take transwarps for instance, if the transwarp cooldown instantly recharged once you beamed down to ESD, there'd be nothing stopping you from being able to immediately transwarp all over the galaxy at will- in a sense it would totally defeat the purpose of the cooldown.

The transwarp cooldown is a good example since it's one of the few that's long enough to really persist between consecutive space sessions.