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01-12-2012, 04:16 PM
I disagree. what you will find is that person doing this to you is also using other shield or power draining abilities.

The spawn rate and the power drain of the probes are actually slight for their fragile state. I tested them on my klink and found vs FAW or AOE effect and Mines, the probes are very fragile and die quickly.

They do a good amount of drainage over time if ignored, but I sneak in Shield drain beams to that wreak havoc on my opponets shields. Add to that some sci powers to drain shields and yeah I can keep your shields down, IF you dont mind what you are doing.

In PVE I find them effective, but in PVP against opponets who are paying attention, one good EWP or FAW, nah not good at all.

Testing techniques vs a player tanking cruiser with proper Shield buffing and resistance skills, I dont really have too much luck, as they are able to snap their shields back quickly and one good AOE or FAW and poof, the drones disappear.

For pets the drones are a touch fragile, but I can see this considering what they are designed to do. So its a trade off. I can understand that, but to say they are overpowered? Where is your proof? Lets present that with some facts and figures, then we can discuss it.

Otherwise its conjecture.