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01-12-2012, 07:38 PM
Originally Posted by Jonathan_Kent View Post
I've gotten obsessed with the idea of collecting all the applicable +1 consoles for my chars.
Its more my small revenge than anything; by not burning off my stipend, but rather spending and supplementing it, I am helping to deprive the exchange market of something Cryptic was likely counting on; subbers spending stipends for dil.
Using the Dilithium Exchange does not hurt Cryptic in the slightest. Every C-Point being traded there has been purchased by other players. Every Dilithium Crystal being traded there has been obtained by other players too.

Remember F2P = Grind or Pay. The Dilithium Exchange promotes both - grinders and payers.

The only thing you can do for "revenge" is to never use the Dilithium Exchange. And never purchase C-Points. Use Stipends only to buy +1 Ships. Stipends are totally free of both grind and pay.