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01-12-2012, 09:06 PM
Originally Posted by darthpanda16 View Post
What exactly did you try in the information presented to you?

What changes to your software did you make?

What browsers and version numbers did you try it on?

What errors did you get?
It is not a browser version issue since refreshing the page fixes it. The issue is new resources served at the old urls that have already been cached by browsers. Some browsers just cache a little more aggressively then others and how aggressively they cache is also based on how fast your connection is. If a resource takes too long to grab the browser can decide to use a local copy.

I have not seen any browser recently violate caching instructions though. The odds are your older resources where set as cache-able resources and did not require immediate re-validation so when you put in your new resources at the old urls the older data was used.