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Originally Posted by fuzun View Post
No Terok Nor aka DS-9 was in orbit around the planet Bajor. After Dax appear back in Ops in DS9, Kira and O'Brien learned about the Wormhole. Kira was dead set on staking Bajor's claim to the wormhole. Kira came up with the idea to move the station into the vicinity of the wormhole enterance. O'Brien said the station only had 6 working thrusters for movement. He said the trip of 160,000 kilometers would take two months. So from that was know the wormhole was a hair over 1 AU away from the station.
Well, in that case, DS9 would actually be pretty close to Bajor's star, maybe an orbit similar to Mars which means the star should be fairly bright, which is something I do not see conveyed on the show or STO.