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01-12-2012, 10:53 PM
Originally Posted by Cpt_Richardson View Post
People were screaming this in the Romulan FE, pointing out that it was going to start taking too long to produce FE's if they kept trying to one-up themselves every time.

It's often being cited in this debate that the length of time between the Dividian and Breen series was extraordinarily low compared to what we're now seeing with these FEs.

Consider how many key assets were reused in both series. How many times did we visit the same Defera map or Drozana station? This is something that didn't happen in the Romulan series. Almost every mission used entirely new art assets, and I suspect we're seeing the follow on from that precedent here.

If Cryptic intend to create new assets for every single series they produce, then of course they will only get 2 series out a year. It's funny how Star Trek, as a series, never saw many locations outside of a few matte paintings and the hallways of the titular ship or station, and this is why - You work with what you have, not what you wish you had. And the latter costs a hell of a lot more money.

Cryptic need to reexamine their priorities. There is absolutely nothing wrong with using the same key art assets more than once, and to simply cast them aside once the episode has run its course (Coliseum, The Vault anyone?) is an absolute waste of resources.

We're seeing it happen more too. Why is it that the wonderful Defera Ground Invasion is only accessible maybe once a month for those who hold regular jobs? I'm not getting up at 3am just to play Star Trek Online. Utter waste.