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01-13-2012, 01:48 AM
Originally Posted by mister_dee
Simale, only those who don't understand the term, the meaning or that someone might just like a character would throw in nonsense accusations like that.
Does everyone who plays a Gorn have a dino fetish and those who play Vulcans have an elf fetish?

I can understand you want what the first Caitian had.
So what when some folks don't get it?
It's evidence of their ignorance, nothing else.
What ticks me off the most is that hair already exist in the game. All they need to do is make it available for Caitians. And in Champions they have digitigrade legs so why it has to be so difficult escapes me. Sure all the pants might not work 100% but there are so many errors on the uniform pieces already in the game that a few more would be noticed. Besides, according to information about the Caitians they prefer to wear loose fitting clothes like tunics. So I would imagine they would prefer skirts/skants. So add the skants and digitigrade legs/feet and hair so we can make real Caitians.