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01-13-2012, 02:09 AM
Originally Posted by Searcher-Soldier
I was attempting to answer a question that I understood to be asking for clarification on the difference between the terms 'mission' and 'episode'. I think the person was confused about the difference between the term FE (series) so far the ones we have seen happen to have been 5 episodes long and the term episode, of which each series thus far has happend to include 5.
Yeah, I get a little lost with this myself. I don't really know what FE means. I've just taken it to mean "a series of related missions." Would that be accurate?

Originally Posted by Searcher-Soldier
IAs I said before, (btw I voted 1-2 months) I think the more important thing is to get the total number of episodes/missions up to around 22 - 26 per year (more like a TV season) whether that be quarterly 5-mission FE series, shorter FE series, fewer FE series with some foundry spotlight redux or non-fed faction (KDF faction chains, eventually Romulan or Neutral faction chains, etc.) thrown in or whatever.
I remember reading that at some point and liking the idea. I think you even made some suggestions for new tags in the foundry to make a neutral faction chain have different dialogues for the different factions, which was also a cool idea. And of course a "generic enemies" set. Lots of good ideas.