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01-13-2012, 02:29 AM
Originally Posted by BlackV7
I played RIFT during the Beta and bought the collectors edition of the game. I subscribed to the game for the first 6 months of its existence. I believe I am still Grandfathered into one of their monthly sub packages, if I ever do decide to go back to RIFT.

While the game is outstanding as far as graphics, it is only a glorified version of WOW with a slight twist. Don't get me wrong, I love RIFT, and I would still be playing if I could afford multiple subscriptions, but by NO means its the BEST MMO to date.

RIFTS real weakness, if not major flaw is in its lore and storyline. These two concepts in a MMO is THE most important aspects of any MMO. For example: Guild Wars - Granted its an older game and inferior graphically compared to RIFT, TOR, & STO - Yet its lore and storyline is very compelling and I am looking towards GW2.

If you compare RIFT to WOW, TOR, and STO in regards to Lore - the latter 3 have it in spades
I'd partly agree with that - the setting is vital for an MMO, and that implies lore aka 'backstory'.

But the storyline itself? Not very important - good to have one that the player relates to and ideally gets interested in, but it can't be a major driver. (more specifically, the game should work even if the player already knows the storyline - in the case of SWTOR I have big question marks over it's future for precisely this reason).

Otherwise, I quite agree - the lore/storyline of Rift didn't hold my attention at all. They should have licensed a strong IP, or just picked a simple theme - and then added the quirky stuff in an expansion pack.

In some ways SWTOR is 'story over gameplay' and Rift is 'gameplay over story'. (but storys are 'eye of the beholder' stuff, if other people like/can tolerate rift's world then imho it's the best MMO on the market)