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01-13-2012, 02:40 AM
Originally Posted by zarathos1978
I would not mind Babylon 5 MMO. There are "it's happening" each year since... 2006? but it never really happened and, sadly, probably never will happen.
Hey you never know. B5 have lore and story in spades and thats an awesome ground work for creating the universe. As far as factions its all there in the package. All it takes is a company like PWE to see a gem before their eyes, trust me there are many diehard Babylon 5 fans out there.

On the same page I would love to see a Stargate MMO, it can be done, all it needs is a talented team of programmers, writers (that will not screw up the lore), and artists. Good PR team and heavy Beta testers that will feed them input, and finally a solid publisher thats willing to invest.

"If you BUILD it they will come"

Typically an MMO that involves two aspects of gameplay, that being Ground and Space will suffer in one and be strong in the other:

I want to hear how a company can strengthen both the Ground and Space aspects of their SCI FI MMO.

My Opinion:

A) Must have a HUGE Team and the financial backing

B) Splitting the Team to work on the separate aspects - yet remaining in contact to have a fluidic and coherent transitional story arc.

C) Mechanics - having solid Ground & Space mechanics: for example - Imagine having the Ground mechanics of Voyager Elite Taskforce, combined with TOR & Planetside.

For space: STO space combat, combined with the functionality and strategy of Bridge Commander - with controlling dynamics of lets say command & conquer - sector space control would be akin to something along the lines of Guild Wars Faction Kurzick and Luxon control.

of course I am mixing multiple genres and gameplay - BUT - with the right team and proper programming a Sci Fi Game can be successful both in Ground and Space aspect.

It needs time, money, and dedication, first to its FANS ala Playerbase and to the Lore.

On a final note: You have to have a team to study the market to see if your ideal product (In this case an MMO), suits the general populace. Is the genre popular? Will it cost too much to capture your ideal target group (Teens to early 20 crowd) etc...