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01-13-2012, 03:03 AM
[quote=Splutter]IMHO TOR isn't a very good MMO - Rift is the best MMO of 2012. Just the world of Rift seems based on the outcome of a brainstorming session with class of 9-year olds. "dragons and space aliens and robots and ponies and elves and time-travel and demons and sea monsters and ...."

TOR itself is a weak MMO, with a great storyline. But a storyline is not a good driver for an MMO - when the storyline ends, you've got a rather big problem (after running flashpoints twice, the spacebar starts to appeal - but if I press it, the only 'hook' of STO is lost...). I
Do other MMOs really offer more than that, t hough? I get the impression "endgame" in WoW for example is just raiding or PvP. So isn't it in the end a matter of creating enough of these "raids" and enough "PvP" material to support an endgame?

I think story has the advantage that it's always a reason to go back to a game. Let's see what will happen next to my hero and the world. LIke a new movie or TV episode.

Which is why people tend ot ignore Ground Combat Revamp or the Events when they call the last few months a "content draught".

One thing TOR gets both right & wrong (which is interesting for STO) is the 'ship interiors'. You often see your ship interior in TOR, something that doesn't happen in STO. On the other hand it takes 4 loading screens per planet change to support this, and it's basically a time sink - which isn't a good state of affairs. This is an area STO could/should improve, although TOR shows the pitfalls of it's specific approach.
Star Wars definitely needs transporters.

Another aspect worthy of note is that TOR crafting is done by companions - in STO terms perhaps the equivalent of moving crafting to the duty roster...
Yes. I could see this happen in STO, as well. There are already crafting elements in the DOFF system. I think it might work a lot better than the previous Crafting incarnations in STO.