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01-13-2012, 04:15 AM
I LOVE character creation and customization. The more i can u in to my character the more i like it. Loved APB for it, love champions, love STO. My biggest issue with SWTOR is that you don't really get much choice in your character and the choices you DO get are pretty much meaningless. I can't even choose what powers i get... lame. They might as well just hand you a character.

Personally i'm looking forward to The Secret World as my next big MMO. I'm curious to see how the free form will work out as well as the Character creation/customization. I like the Concept that "everything is real" from the old ones to the Bogeyman and all the crazy in between.

Maybe the Marvel MMO if it ever really happens. I wonder if it will be more free form like champions or would it be more like DCUO. I like the action bsed game play, but the actual power sets were horrendous, especially given the fact you were supposed to be using the specific power sets of established heroes. I can make better DCU heroes in Champions than i can in DCUO.

As for what i would like to see as an MMO is Gears of War. It's such an interesting and Rubust universe that a lot of people would LOVE to see fleshed out more than just the Games (since most people don't read the novels/comics) I'd love to get some kind of Create a Cog feature with all the armor variations of the games as well as maybe weapons customizations. I'm just not sure what would be the best way to set up abilities.