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Originally Posted by rswfire View Post
Yeah, I get a little lost with this myself. I don't really know what FE means. I've just taken it to mean "a series of related missions." Would that be accurate?
Were you gone when they launched these?

Basically, they're 5 episode arcs. When they're "featured" they're available at all levels and have a leet reward like a Breen bridge officer, Reman bridge officer, or the snake cane from "Time's Arrow" which lets you feed on your enemy's souls like the Devidians do.

These rewards are only turned on for the initial playthrough and periodic "replay spotlight" events... and the current policy is to level restrict them and integrate them into the "fronts" when they're out of the spotlight but toopen them to everyone who is at least Lieutenant when they go back on spotlight.

They used to be level-less but Stahl was worried that some people didn't even notice them so he started the policy of having them get shoehorned into the required leveling curve whenever they aren't being spotlighted; however, if you play them at a low level during their spotlight, you can continue to replay them for lower level rewards later. So, for example, my Lt. Starfleet Klingon can replay the Breen series to deck out his Lt. ship in a Mk IV version of the Breen gear set but a newly rolled Lt. can't because they missed the spotlight.