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01-13-2012, 06:05 AM
I go for max dps myself. I like to hit APA, APB, CRF3,HY3 then decloak launch quantums then rip off a facing shield with my 3 DC's before the torps arrive. Its able to one pass all npc's but a cube that takes a few more seconds. Here is my hegta setup.

Weps 3x Phaser DC, 1 Quantum Torp, and 2x phaser Turrets
Gear Borg Engine,Borg deflector, Honor guard Shield MKXI
Consoles 2xArmour resist modules, 1x plasma distribution MKXI, borg module, 3xPhaser relay MKXI

lt ET1,RSP1

With the officer setup there is only a 1 sec window where I don't have a rapid fire available. Also my wep power doesn't drop below 100 ever as I only use the guns when making strafing runs at the target. I chose the honor guard shield as it gives my 7k + shields. I expect to die alot though with the borg set and honor shield that has dropped alot. I almost made it through a cure normal run without dying till I was caught between the 2 sim negvars as they both exploded together. I am considering replacing HY1 on the lt cmdr with a tac team 1 but am not sure as it will conflict with st1 and et1 alot.

lt Gen Krapok KDF
Cptn Kohnor KDF