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Originally Posted by zcenicx View Post
Only when two ships with the same name are referenced, such as in;

TNG Episode Relics (LaForge specifies Enterprise D after Scotty mistakes it for being Kirk's Enterprise A)

TNG Episode Yesterday's Enterprise (Yar specifies Enterprise C after she names it Enterprise, Picard does the same, and after that it all degenerates as both crews mixes Enterprise and Enterprise C/D)

Star Trek Generations (Picard first says he's captain of the Enterprise, then specifies Enterprise D, then reverts to just Enterprise again)

Excepting these three instances, I've yet to see it happen. The ship is always referred to as just the "Enterprise".

Oh, and ships given the same name only rarely share the same registry number. As a good example - the USS Defiant.

The Defiant was seen, and named, as the NCC-1764 in TOS "A Tholian Web", and was a Constitution-class cruiser.
The same ship is also seen in ENT "In a mirror, darkly", registry number and name clearly visible in both cases.
Thus, the Defiant in DS9 should have been named 1764-X, but it was not. It was named the NX-74205.
After its destruction and replacement, the renamed Saġ Paolo should have at least kept the NCC-74205-A, but AGAIN it did not. The new registry number was NCC-75633.
Either way is fine for naming your ship. I want to keep the same name for all of my ships, just as the Enterprise did over it's various classes (Constitution, Galaxy, etc.).

USS Centurion-A, -B,-C, etc. There's nothing wrong with that as far as Trek goes.