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Do other MMOs really offer more than that, t hough? I get the impression "endgame" in WoW for example is just raiding or PvP. So isn't it in the end a matter of creating enough of these "raids" and enough "PvP" material to support an endgame?

I think story has the advantage that it's always a reason to go back to a game. Let's see what will happen next to my hero and the world. LIke a new movie or TV episode.

Which is why people tend to ignore Ground Combat Revamp or the Events when they call the last few months a "content draught".
- storyline provides a compelling reason to do a quest.
- storyline does not provide a compelling reason to repeat a quest. (branching dialogs are interesting in this respect, you can't branch "that" many times)

The "end-game" is basically the dictionary definition of repetition. If the reason for someone to play a game is just storyline then it's difficult to see how the end-game is ever going to work.

I think SWTOR have got a lot right, but I fear there has been too much focus on storyline, and not enough on gameplay.

[STO space combat is fun without a plot, the same cannot be said of any form of SWTOR combat that I've played]

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Star Wars definitely needs transporters.
SWTOR needs them, STO needs them removing o_O. It's a weird, weird mess.

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Yes. I could see this happen in STO, as well. There are already crafting elements in the DOFF system. I think it might work a lot better than the previous Crafting incarnations in STO.
Yep - it's also interesting to see SWTOR struggle with crafting - it is extremely difficult to see how to make a good crafting system.