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01-13-2012, 08:19 AM
Originally Posted by PatricianVetinari

I have questions: Are the Power skills cumulative? So if I put 9 into Warp Core Potential and Weapon performance I get a flat +16 to all power levels?
I hope so, though after I tested this on Tribble I noticed on Holodeck that Warp Core Potential was not reading as part of Power Level boosts, as I was down -5 points across the board with a WCP of 9.
I did not notice that I was recieving a +16, +11 and +6 respectively/ correctly for having WCE ranked at 9.

So iether WCP is not registering or there is Diminutive returns for having WCE and WCP skilled.
All Performance Skills (Weapons, Shields, Engines, Auxillary) where functioning normally though.

And am I reading the Warp Core Efficiency correctly? At a setting of 70, 9 in the skill also grants +6? Is this cumulative with the above?
Not at this time that I can tell. It appears WCP does not work properly.
Math would say that if I had WCE at rank 9, had WCP at rank 9, Shield Profficiency at rank 9 and ran my Shield Power level at 70 points - I should see a gain of +6 (WCE) + 5 (WCP) + 11 (SP) for a total of +22 to bring the final Power Level to 92 points. Not counting any bonuses for sets and equipment.