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01-13-2012, 08:38 AM
Originally Posted by Commander_Knuhteb
Trololol's outside, it would be cool to have a Captain Logan remake of the K'Vort as both a carrier and cruiser in STO. The cruiser version could have a special torpedo attack while the carrier would have fighters with a special sensors debuff attack that makes them impossible to track for 10-15 seconds. Any other ideas?
Cruiser is a good idea, but carrier............I'm at a loss for words

BoP is not exactly a shape ideal in terms of internal volume and unless you scale the ship up to really gigantic proportions (way beyond the roughly 350m it usually had) I'm not sure what it should carry. Those fighters would have to be really small...and from where to launch them?

In case of the cruiser idea, I'd also love to see a special torpedo.
The one the K'vort in "Redeption" fired at Gowron's ship looked a lot different from a conventional Photon Torpedo (which pretty much all look alike).

perhaps a torpedo that is rather effective against shields as opposed to one that is effective vs hull would be a nice addition to such a ship.