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01-13-2012, 09:59 AM
What is your actual load out going to be? Cannons, turrets, and torpedoes how many of each and where will you put them? Lots and on an escort would be the sane answer, but lets move on. Cannon Rapid Fire isn't much coming out of a Cruiser equipped with single cannons and some turrets. Then on the off chance that you manage to drop a shield with this you only have one torpedo to exploit the weakness.....that naked glittering smooth expanse of hull plating calling out, nay YEARNING for some kinetic damage!! I digress.

Tactical ships can stack tactical abilities to drop enemy shields and blow up hulls. Engineering ships can't. Engineering ships use engineering abilities to degrade the overall performance of opposing ships whilst wearing down their defenses. Get Beams. Get 6 of them. 3 fore and 3 aft. Get two torpedo launchers. One fore and one aft. Torpedo spread 2 is what goes in your Lt slot. If you were using a Dreadnaught you would have 3 tactical slots and could pick up beam fire at will or overload. But your not so you take the spread. Always take the spread. Good rule of thumb.

Energy Modulation is your pal. Use it wisely. Against the Borg transfer stations, gates and generators with no shields not so much. But that is what the little pointy ships are for. And your torpedo spread. I'm guessing that you'll be wanting to slow down the march of probes or nanites. Vent some plasma, use your Chroniton spread to slow them. Aceton field em! Cruisers aren't so much "blow one thing up fast". But they can handle multiple targets well.

In pve i've never really felt a crazy need for tactical team. It really doesn't matter if its faster than I am if I can live without it. Alive is alive. Consider dropping Tactical Team in pve for fire at will or overload.

and if you run Chromaton Torpedoes make sure you get a Chromotographic Color Console in your sci slot or NONE of your screenshots will come out right.