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01-13-2012, 09:18 AM
Originally Posted by Naldoran
I've got a real quick question: is the number of exchange slots limited on a per-character or per account basis? I saw somewhere that each character is supposed to get 100 exchange slots, but I only have a 40 per character max, and have under 100 postings across all my characters. More than 40 exchange slots would be real nice since I do a lot of crafting and selling to raise money for my fleet. I've (obviously) got a gold account if that makes a difference.
Before the start of season 5, the per character Exchange posting limit was 100, (and caused numerous search issue, as the Exchange search will only search up to the first 400 items that met the search criteria).

With the start of Season 5, the per character Exchange posting limit is now 40 (for both 'Silver' & 'Gold'). The original Exchange posting limit was only 20...