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01-13-2012, 01:23 PM
Originally Posted by Searcher-Soldier
Agreed. It was a fun link to check out.

The PS artists did a great job and the morphing feature looks fun to play around with, but I very much like the overall approach of our current interface (minus some bugs and quibbles).

I am very much in favor of a k.i.s.s. approach to a very plain (boring) limited background for my character to be on top of while I am customizing. I don't need fancy art behind them to keep me interested in customizing (since it's something I love to do), what I need is a nice neutral, unobtrusive back ground that lets my toons keep the 'spotlight' of where my eye and my attention are focused while I am working on them.

But still, a cool link. Glad you got it working. Thanks!
Can you still agree that we should have the character in the center of the screen instead of the on the side? It can't of detracts from what we are supposed to be customizing, doesn't it?

Edit: Cryptic could always have the retro option for players who'd like to revert to the old-style customization menus.