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01-13-2012, 12:35 PM
Originally Posted by Chat
Yes yes it did for its time.
Face, hair,skin color, hair color and outfit color.
Changing skin color changed the face makeup and changing outfit color could change certain parts.(Pink Fonewearl was my favorite)

And totally forgot about Phantasy Star Zero.
And now I'm not gonna mention that game again.

Oh and Demolition comet in your face.

Totally. Could build a game with just that slider and people would buy it. Oh they would buy it so hard.
My favorite characters were Fonewearl and Hunewearl. Glad to know there are some phantasy star fans among the STO playerbase. Could somebody cast a reverser spell to revive me plz? That demolition comet just pwned me Q_Q.

Lol, I hope the boob slider isn't the real reason why the playerbase is upset with the devs. I bet Freud would have thought so if he psychoanalyzed us male STO players. Runs away from creepy psychologists! Wait, could they be right? No way! Keeps on running away.