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# 1 Having trouble on Elite
01-13-2012, 02:20 PM
I'm trying a new tactical character, and I'm trying to progress through the game on Elite difficulty.

I've done a few missions, and I cannot seem to beat "Stop the Signal" on elite. I just don't have the firepower to take down the Undine dreadnaught at the end.

So, I decided I was too low level, and went to explore the Delta Volanis Cluster. I had a ground mission there and I simply could not defeat the last group of klingons. Not with the crew that I currently have. My crew simply dies way to fast.

If this were end-game I'd say it's my gear or strategy - but I'm Lt. 5 and there simply are not a lot of options for my crew at this time.

So - am I missing some strategy here, or is Elite really supposed to be this hard? Don't take me the wrong way - I don't mind a challenge - but this seems impossible at this point.