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This is why the Gorn will kick your space butt, if ya don't listen/follow mission parameters.

Originally Posted by MagnumStar
Part of the reason people find the Gorn Minefield FA so difficult is because they don't pay attention to mission parameters. If you don't do what the mission tells you to do then you're just wasting time and more than likely going to be worn down by respawns. I'll break it down part by part so those new to the FA will have a chance to complete it.

1st part - Free the freighters trapped by mines on the big asteroids.
Tip: Stick together as a team and fight your way from one big asteroid to another, freeing the trapped freighters, or break to the outside edge and work it from there. Once you have all 10 freighters liberated either break away to the right or left and fly around frigates or fly up and over them to the next objective.

2nd part - Destroy 36 crusiers
Tip: I always like to do this one from the right or left outside edge, less likely to be mobbed by respawns. Once you have all 36 cruisers destroyed again you can either fly up and over the crusiers or around them to the next objective.

3rd part- Destroy 12 battleships and 60 mines
Tip: You will come to an immense minefield just boost shields and let them detonate against your ship, clear out as many as you can, you'll have no problem breaking 60 in short order. Battleships will be on the other side of minefield, team up and take them out. This is the part where clearing out the mines is helpful since if they're cleared you won't have them exploding against your hull at the same time the battleships are firing at you.
Note: This part is actually harder on the Klingon side since mixed among the battleships there are dreadnoughts.

4th and final part- Kill the Dreadnought
Tip: The Dread will be hugged up against an array of turrets, you can either break all the turrets then go after Dread or kite Dread away from turrets then kill him. Either way seems to work ok. Have team concetrate fire on one shield facing, fwd, rear, either side, doesn't matter. Take shield down and make Dread a ball of flames.

Follow that and communicate to team what needs to be done and you will be able to finish it. i've had people complain to me how unbeatable these FA's are but all can be completed fairly easily if you know what you are doing, and yes that includes the ground missions too. The one exception is the Crystaline Entity which I have only seen completed twice in my over 200 days of playing STO.