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01-13-2012, 07:38 PM
i think this is a good idea as im an unemployed part time open univercity student studying for a physics degree (so i can make my own starship one day, maybe ill call her the phoenix or does that make me totally obsessed with all things star trek lol im geting distracted back to the point ) im allways looking to get a leg up in geting a fulltime job, as a volunteer the unemployed persion would have a refrance they could call upon when applying for a payed job in the real world and they would be able to put it on there cv.

i would like to do it but it's probably to late now

but on a good note we get new featured content soon after f2p lanch (not long now t-minus 3 days)

and then who knows what, it is star trek . any thing is possible

llap all faithful star trek fans