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# 1 Common Abbreviations and Terms
01-13-2012, 07:48 PM
AMS = Antimatter Spread

ASIF, Aux to structural integrity field

Aux2damp= Aux to inertial dampeners

BO1/2/3 or BOI/II/III this refers to Beam Overload and the various levels of the skill.

BOPs = bird of prey

CPB= Charged Particle burst. Number after refers to level accordingly.

DEM= Direct Energy Modulation.

EPTA, EPTE, EPTS, EPTW. This is the various Emergency Powers. Emergency power to aux, Engine, Shields, and Weapons respectively.

ES = Extend Shields.

FBP = FeedBack Pulse

GW = Gravity Well

MVAM/MVAE = multi vector assault

SS= Scramble Sensors

TS = Torpedo Spread

TSS= Transfer Shields Strength

HYT= High Yield Torpedo
TT= Tac Team

Warpplas = Eject Warp Plasma.

These are some of the more common ones you'll find on the forums and in opvp chat. Feel free to add to this list guys and I'll (try) to keep the op updated as it goes.