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This does not instill me with a great amount of confidence. When I click "confirm purchase" to buy Cryptic Points, it immediately pops up that message. "There was a problem with your request. Please try again later."

Nothing like a useful message to let me know what's up.

The only thing remotely uncommon about my situation is that my Visa is through a Japanese bank, and my address is in Japan, but that was never a problem when I subscribed in the past. I never tried buying anything from the C-Store before though.

I had just updated my credit card info with the new expiration date, and it said it was approved and ready for use.

Also - in game, if I try to buy points from the store, I click "Buy cryptic points" and it pops up the payment method window. Then I click "buy" and it says "Are you sure you wish to buy for ?" with no amounts or options at all.

Is it just broken for me, or broken in general?