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01-15-2012, 04:44 AM
Ok listen up cryptic your gonna have a run for your money with SWTOR now up and running.

Before STO fans start whining I'm a lifer here and I gotta say the last few months have been depressing to say the least..

SWTOR is releasing 1.1 patch on the 17th of this month with TWO new content missions..

SERIOUSLY?! I thought how the hell and why hasn't cryptic churned out stuff this quick with all the purchases that have been made via c-store and lifetime subs... the P2W crap isnt what I'm reffering too either.

I got over 120 days remaining on TOR and I'm sorry to say I wont be loggin into STO at all during this farce of game as its present state..

these guys are churning out bug fixes like nobody's business, STO been active now for 2 years and there ARE still game breaking bugs that refuse to be fixed...

CMON cryptic your gonna loose this ship... EVEN CHRIS OFF STOKED HAS DEFECTED TO PLAY! Your number ONE podcast has ceased doing shows because of this epic epic farce.

Anyway I'm still sad to see alot of how things are handled by cyptic I had high hopes at the start but now I'm just meh....