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01-15-2012, 07:10 AM
Originally Posted by NeilCell View Post
I like the idea of a K'Vort cruiser-BOP hybrid. I aslo support the idea of a torpedo effective againt sheilds. Just curious, would it be a special torpedo like the Hara'peng, or would it be a consol that modifys ANY torpedos equipped to be effective against shields? I would suport a consol.
Good question, I think both would be posible.
We've got both a precedent for a special torp ('Peng and the Bioneural Warhead) and a console that can "buff" weapons like the Exeter "Tailpipe hunter" and the Photonic Shockwave buff.
The obvious question of a console, at least for me, is how it could be blanced properly because we've got torpedo weapons with very different properties (DPS, DPV, RoF) and how they'd be buffed/changed by this console. Some weapons might end up benefiting from it more than others. For example a buffed Tric might have more firepower than a buffed Photon.
Or the other way around when all buffed torps have the same damage potential against shields a Photon might be more beneficial since it would not suffer from the same RoF as a Tric.