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01-15-2012, 08:38 AM
The only way to play trooper properly is to jam your blaster down your own throat. The characters aren't consistent within themselves. The quest options you are given to choose don't always match what your character does once you select it. If by 'meaningful choices with consequences" the game designers meant to say "capricious" game design then right on brother! If somehow every trooper in the game running about with Cat Man Doo as his sidekick as each and every one of you are the sole survivor of Havok Squad.......OH WAIT! That is fundamentally held back. Because giving a kid money to flee the planet because he's afraid his parents will be mad at him is somehow a "light side" choice, and reuniting him with his family is somehow a "dark side" choice". Because giving kids scads of cash and leaving them in a sewer system to fend for themselves is also a light side choice.

Right. Its a crappy eighties arcade style space game shooter with some sort of useless MMORPG tacked on.