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01-15-2012, 08:58 AM
I've been doing pretty well as a sci in my Nebula and I think with your miracle worker you'd be in even better shape. I mostly just ran 4 beams and fore/aft quantums but since the new stfs came out, thanks to good advice from CmdrSkyfaller, who's set up as a torpedo boat I'm not good enough to fly effectively, I've gone to transphasic up front, cluster torp and a tricobalt in back.

He also showed me that you can combine repulsors with evasive maneuvers to get multiple hits. Might be deadly in pvp, but for the STFs it just would create chaos and sink your team.

My main focus is gravity well, so I have gw3 and gw1 on my main science boff, followed by hazard 2 and polarize hull, so this is mostly made for stopping probes. (Really important to have the doff to give you a chance of extra grav wells)

My universal is another sci, with sci team 2 and hazard 1, and I've got a tss 1 in my ensign sci.

Engineering, what's important is eject warp plasma 1 (+ the doff to give an immobilize proc), emergency to SIF (which runs on a separate cooldown and can be cast on friends, so you can use that and sci2 together), and then emergency to shields 1.

For the tactical station I've got torp spread and high yield.

So basically my strategy is to hit multiple grav wells and then try to add warp plasma on top, using subsystem shield and engine targeting, as well as the borg set tractor beam to supplement. I've got good survivability and can do a moderate amount of healing for my team too.

So for skills, you want as many power-boosts as possible, since to max the damage from gravity well you need to be running over 100 aux. After that, particle generators, and I've got two of those science consoles. For engineering you can put in turn rate, damage resistance, or whatever, at your pleasure. Right now I've got tranphasic tactical consoles but am going to try some other stuff out since I'm not sure how much that's helping. Give me a pm sometime in the game, since I could also train your boffs in science powers if you want.

I'm not sure about the changes to the Breen set, but I had the impression it was mostly good against the Breen, not other enemies. Since the borg set is cheap edc-wise I'd go with that. The shield proc has saved my life more times than I can count. Someday soon I'll be able to say whether the Maco set is worth it.

Also, I haven't found any use for the tachyon detection grid aside from looking cool. Throw in a more useful console instead.