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01-15-2012, 02:03 PM
Originally Posted by Commander_Knuhteb
Can you post a video of it for us please? Also, tell us why it is so much better than STO. What features does it have that STO does not? What could STO learn from it?

I know there was already a response to this, but.. the video linked, was short, and not very clear..

Try these:

I was so impressed with APB I bought a copy when I was still in Beta with the game... before it died, and was resurrected as a F2P game.

To be honest, the character creator in Eve Online is amazing too:

I guess then the obvious issue is... there seem to be a portion of the community that is dissatisfied with the character creator we have in our game.

It's also obvious that other games, even MMOs, have the ability to have amazing character creators.

The questions then become... WHY don't we have a better creator? CAN WE get a creator similar to the ones people have been pointing to in this thread? If so, WHEN can we see some improvement?

It was stated before that we were going to get better hair-tech. It was a good while back, so it's probably one of those issues that went the way of the dinosaur, but.. with all the CYA things surrounding F2P issues... is there any hope of the devs commenting on these issues?