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01-15-2012, 02:08 PM
Originally Posted by PhyrexianHero
Considering Chrome surpassed Firefox in December 2011 as the 2nd most used browser in the world, it'd be a very smart move to make sure it works on that. Especially since IE is used less by gamers than typical internet visitors.
I have to agree here... I work with websites (and drupal as a specialty) for a living, and developing for IE/FF only is not common practice in any company that respects itself here(hit me for this, but I can't see anyone calling themselves a webdeveloper and focusing only on IE and FF... No level of flaming or infractions is gonna change this).

If you want to hit a broad audience, you include both Chrome and Safari in your development, and consider Opera while doing it.
Ignoring thoose two browsers just cuts off way too many users.